Feedback: Perth Forum

Thank you for your feedback via Survey Monkey after the Perth Forum launch in August 2018. Using your feedback, we have summarised your thoughts on successes, areas for improvement and key takeaways from the Perth Forum. The link is still open, any ongoing feedback is welcomed.


  • Encouragingly 90% of respondents found the Perth Forum useful.
  • 90% agree or strongly agreed that attending the Forum has increased their commitment to ending modern slavery.
  • Almost all respondents committed to attend next year’s event.
  • Your self-ranked commitment to remaining engaged in the working groups was 7 (out of 10).

Areas for Improvement

Feedback centered around the need for more time, including the need for:

  • More time for group discussion, discussion with government and for panels to discuss various related issues and deeper topics.
  • More time with the government representatives.
  • More time for networking sessions with colleagues in the region to discuss issues.
  • Better deliberation on the work plan and pilot projects proposed.
  • More real-world case studies, tangible stories and data points to support engagement with business community and regulators in home markets.

Key takeaways

In terms of the most significant takeaways from the Perth Forum, your comments included:

The greatest value was in the chance to interact with other participants and to hear their stories, challenges and experience one to one.

 There are a lot of immediately actionable items that every business can immediately commit to.

 The depth of the problem worldwide. Was unaware of the seriousness of the issue.