Working Group Update: all business call

Discussions are well underway between the working group leaders, who are conducting ongoing discussions with each other and the Secretariat on strategic future steps and developing a framework for the working groups.


On 14 December, there will be an “All Business” call where we’d like to update all business participants and you to indicate preferences to get involved the initiatives.  Given conflicting time zones, we have 3 options for this call (same content will be covered in each call), organized in terms of regions.

OPTION 1 Pacific Islands / US:

Perth 9am (AWST) | Palau 10am | Papua New Guinea 11am | Sydney 12pm | Solomon Islands 12pm | Vanuatu 12pm | Nauru 1pm | Kiribati 1pm | Auckland 2pm | Fiji 2pm | Samoa 3pm | Tonga 3pm | Bentonville 8pm | Washington DC 9pm

OPTION 2 South East / East Asia:

Perth 12pm (AWST) | Bhutan, Dhaka 10am | Myanmar 10:30am | Bangkok, Cambodia, Hanoi, Jakarta, Lao PDR, Vietnam 11am | Beijing, Brunei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ulaanbaatar 12pm | Seoul, Timor-Leste, Tokyo 1pm

OPTION 3 Central Asia / Europe:

Perth 4pm (AWST) | London 8am | Jordan 10am | Baghdad 11am | Dubai 12pm | Kabul 12:30pm | Islamabad 1pm | Delhi, Colombo 1:30pm | Nepal 1:45pm | Bhutan 2pm

Please indicate your availability and preference for a call ASAP to


As outlined in the Work Plan, the current working group leaders are:

Ethical Recruitment

Thai Union, Thailand

Walmart, USA

Adidas, Germany (Observer)


 Supply Chain Transparency

Sunrice, Papua New Guinea

Icebreaker, New Zealand

LVK, Brunei


Safeguards and Grievance Mechanisms

Bayat Group, Afghanistan

Maharaja Group, Sri Lanka

Aman Foundation, Pakistan